Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Evaluating My GAME Plan Progress

My goal to customize learning activities for my students is going well. I completed the item analysis of the first quarter benchmark exam and am in the process of using this data to create several different on-line assignments. I will then give students access to the assignment that fits their needs. The only problem I forsee here is that one of my classes coincides with another math course that is project-based and therefore has first dibs on the laptop cart. So computer access with this group might be limited.
My other goal, to use technology as a means of exploring real-world issues and solve authentic problems, has run into a brick wall. I didn't realize, when I chose this goal, that this is problem-based learning and now that I know more about the topic from this week's resources and discussions I see why I'm having such difficulty. PBL is a very complex process and must be very carefully thought out and planned and as we've been discussing, it seems especially challenging when integrating into a math curriculum.
I have however set another goal for myself and that is to create a Web page to be linked to my district's Website. This will give me another option for relaying information to students and parents. I have never set up a Web page before but will get started on it this week with the help of a colleague.

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  1. Brenda,

    Setting up a website is a great alternative. Our district used a new web-provider (I think that's what it's called) that enabled every teacher to set up their own. All of the teachers were essentially forced to use it, but it has been great for the students and their parents. To give you an idea of what to include on your webpage, I usually keep the homework assignment on there and links to the notes from class or other assignments that were handed out. I also created a page where I put links to webpages for extra practice. So I usually search for worksheets online, tutorials, or other drill-and-practice websites and let parents know they're there.

    I know what you mean with the PBL being difficult for a math curriculum. In the text there were a couple of lesson idea. I plan on taking a couple of those and modifying them to fit my needs. With Math I am finding that a PBL lesson may not have to be as long and maybe starting small and slow is a good way to go, especially if your students are not accustomed to that type of learning.