Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Monitoring My GAME Plan

I'm afraid I haven't made any real progress toward reaching my previously posted goals. There was a sequence of unsettling events in my building last week and this week and my GAME plan was put on my mental back burner. One of my goals was to use technology to engage students in solving authentic, real-world problems. In my initial post, I had mentioned incorporating technology into the unit on Statistics and Probability. It occurred to me later on that we don't teach this unit until May so even though I could plan for it now, I wouldn't be able to monitor or evaluate my plan. The other unit I had considered using, Ratio and Proportion, we covered last year with the group of students I was focusing on for my plan. Hopefully I can find sometime over the Thanksgiving break to search for ideas that I can implement in the up-coming unit which is Systems of Equations/Inequalities.
Concerning my second goal, which was to customize learning activities to address students' diverse abilities, I did log on to the Castle Learning site that I intended to use to post individualized assignments for students. I set up my classes and that was as far as I got. My department is in the process of doing an item analysis on the first quarter benchmark exams and I can use that information to create assignments for my students. This might be a great tool for assisting in cumulative reviews throughout the year.

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  1. Erin to Brenda:

    Hi there.
    I am impressed by your second goal. I think it is great that you are trying to make your teaching "customized" for your students. I feel like it is hard enough to do that for my fifth-graders, whom I teach every subject, all day long. I think it would be harder to do at your level where, I assume, you only see your students for an hour or specific period per day. I suppose it takes very observant teaching and well-designed assessments to give you a clear picture of what each of your students is learning. Good luck with your individualized assignments. I bet your students will appreciate your extra efforts to specially design activities that fit with the things they have already learned, but that push them in the direction of new knowledge. Keep it up!